Peperomia Angulata

Peperomia Angulata or Peperomia Quadrangularis | Care and Growing Guide

“Peperomia Angulata” also known as Beetle Peperomia, Himalaya Peperomia, Peperomia Quadrangularis. It is a hanging plant belonging to the extensive family of Peperomias, “Piperaceae”. Most Peperomias are native to tropical or subtropical areas of South and Central America. Many of them live in areas near the Amazon River with warm temperatures and in shady situations. […]


How to Grow Microgreens DIY instructions

Growing microgreens: do-it-yourself(DIY) instructions Microgreens convince with their taste and colorful appearance. The cultivation of microgreens is not difficult at all and works on almost every window sill. Nowadays, trends often come to us from America and come to Europe and Germany. It is no different with microgreens: They are now also conquering upscale gastronomy in our […]


Dyers Chamomile Uses | All You Need to Know

The yellow chamomile flowers are not only beautiful to look at – they also provide bees with plenty of nectar and are also used to dye wool. The dyers chamomile ( Anthemis tinctoria ) hardly needs any care. We show in which locations the dyer’s chamomile grows well and how to plant it in the garden. We also […]


Are Shrimp Tails Edible? Yes

Shrimp is loved by people all over the world for its chewy texture and rich taste. It’s great as a side dish for rice, as a side dish with alcohol, or as a snack for children. Today, the various benefits of shrimp and I’m going to talk about the shrimp head/tail that many people get […]

Configure John Rawls’ theory of justice.

Configure John Rawls’ theory of justice

The Latin words jungere (to bind, to tie together) and jus (justice) are combined to form the word “justice” (a bond or tie). Justice, as a uniting or joining concept, helps to bring individuals together in a just or fair order of relationships by allocating each person’s fair share of rights and responsibilities, rewards and […]

Write a note on modern political theory.

Write a note on modern political theory

Modern political theory includes in itself a number of diverse trends like the institutional, structural, positivistic, empirical, scientific, the Marxist and behavioural and post-behavioral. These trends ruled the twentieth century for the most extent. Classical political theory was primarily  idealistic, philosophical, normative, and to some degree historical; modern political theory, on the contrary, can be divided into two parts: liberal, which includes the pluralist, […]