Meaning Of Spider Lily: The Symbolism Behind The Spider Lily

The spider lily is a beautiful flower that has beautiful long stamens. This flower can be found in many Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea. It is also known as the red magic lily, equinox flower.

It’s said to represent happiness, good fortune and hope for the future. But in other cultures, it may symbolize death or sorrow. Let’s take a look at how this unique flower has been used throughout time! There are several meanings behind this beautiful flower which we will discuss here:

Meaning of Spider Lily

The spider lily is a symbol of love and devotion. Spider lilies are often found in gardens, where they grow as part of a larger mix of plants that can include roses, tulips, iris and lavender.

The spider lily flower has five petals and is shaped like an inverted teardrop with pointed tips at the ends. It may be white or pinkish-white in color with speckles on the petals’ sides known as stippling or speckling.

The meaning behind this flower goes beyond its physical beauty’ it has deep roots in mythology and spiritual beliefs across many cultures around the world.

In ancient Egypt, spider lilies were thought to represent rebirth due to their ability to grow out of their pods after being planted a symbol of new beginnings or hope for those who have suffered loss or hardship over time (this could apply both personally or professionally).

In a spiritual sense:

The spider lily is often considered a sacred plant that brings good luck when planted near the home or any building such as schools or churches. It also has great meaning when placed alongside other plants such as lotus flowers because they both symbolize rebirth and renewal which helps bring balance between yin-yang energy flow within our bodies during meditation practices like yoga or Tai Chi exercises without having too much stress on any particular side.

Meaning of Red Spider Lily In China

The Red Spider Lily is a beautiful flowering plant that’s native to China, but it can be found throughout Asia. It has long been considered a symbol of purity and beauty, and it’s often used in weddings and other ceremonies.

In Chinese culture, red spider lilies represent the courage and persistence needed to succeed in life. The lilies bloom in the summertime, which is associated with joy and happiness, so they’re also used as a symbol of good luck.

Meaning of Red Spider Lily In Korea

Red spider lilies in Korea are a symbol of remembrance. They are used to celebrate the birthdays of loved ones who have passed away, or to mark the anniversary of their passing. As such, they’re often given as gifts on these occasions.

In addition to being a symbol of remembrance, red spider lilies represent love and compassion for others. This makes them an appropriate choice for expressing condolences or paying respects to someone who has lost a loved one.

Meaning of Red Spider Lily In Japan

In Japanese culture, the symbol of the red spider lily represents sorrowful memories and a desire to forget those memories for good. It also represents nostalgia for lost love or lost friendship.

The red spider lily is often associated with death because of its red coloration; however, there are some people who believe that this association is not accurate. They argue that there are no references to this flower being used as a funeral decoration in any historical texts about Japan.

Meaning of  White Spider Lily

The white spider lily is a popular symbol of positivity and freshness. It’s often associated with the spring season, when the flowers start to bloom.

It also symbolizes hope and new beginnings, as well as good fortune. It is often used as a gift for a new bride, or given to people who are starting on new paths in life.

Meaning of Yellow Spider Lily

Yellow spider lilies are a rich and bright flower that symbolizes wealth and gratitude. They are said to bring good luck and prosperity, as well as a sense of happiness and contentment.

Yellow spider lilies have long been used in Chinese culture as symbols of wealth and prosperity. The color yellow is associated with the sun, which is believed to be the source of all life on earth. It is also associated with gold, which has long been used to represent wealth in China.

Yellow spider lilies also have a reputation for being symbols of good luck and prosperity in many cultures around the world. In Japan, for example, yellow spider lilies are given at weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations to bring good luck and fortune to those who receive them.

Meaning of Pink Spider Lily

Pink spider lilies are a symbol of beauty, grace, and love. The pink of the flower and the way it blooms is often associated with a woman’s skin, which is considered the most beautiful part about her. This association has lead to many people associating pink spider lilies with women and their beauty.

The shape of the flower itself can be seen as a symbol for love. In ancient times, flowers were given as gifts to show that someone cared for another person. The act of giving someone a flower was considered an act of love and kindness, so giving someone pink spider lilies could be seen as an expression of love and kindness towards them.

Meaning of Orange Spider Lily

Orange spider lilies are a symbol of pride, and success. They are said to represent the courage that it takes to be a leader in your field, as well as the pride you will feel when you achieve your goals.

The symbolism of this flower can be traced back to ancient China, where it was believed that if you wore orange spider lilies on your wedding day, you would have a successful marriage.

The color orange is associated with prosperity and wealth, which could explain why orange spider lilies are often used in weddings.

Meaning of Blue Spider Lily

Blue spider lilies have been used as a symbol of inspiration because they’re so beautiful and pure. The flower is blue, which can represent freedom from anything that’s holding you back from being your true self.

And the spider lily has strong roots that help it stay grounded while reaching for the sky it reminds us that we should be grounded in our goals while also reaching for higher ground in our lives.


We hope that you enjoyed learning about the symbolism of spider lilies. As you can see, there are many different ways to interpret this flower’s meaning and it depends on who is using it and why.

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