Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree Pros And Cons

The Autumn Fantasy maple tree is a hybrid of two species between Red Maple and Silver Maple. It is a deciduous tree that grows best in full sun. The leaves turn deep red, orange and yellow colour in fall which will last from November until December. This tree is perfect for adding some colour to your garden this autumn. The flowers are small and red that bloom in early spring before leaf emergence. The bark is grayish brown with prominent horizontal ridges. In this article we are going to talk about the pros and cons of Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree.

Autumn Fantasy Maple Pros

Brilliant Fall Color

Fall foliage is brilliant crimson red and long lasting. The leaves turn a vibrant red in autumn and stay on the tree for a few months, making them particularly enjoyable during the winter and spring when there’s not much else to look at.

The color contrast between the bright red leaves and green branches is striking. It’s one of nature’s best sights!

Beautiful Showy Red Flowers

One of the most appealing aspects of autumn fantasy trees is the beautiful showy clusters of red flower that appears in early spring. The blooms appear on bare branches and last for several weeks, giving you a visual treat while other trees are still bare.

  • Flowering occurs in spring.
  • Flower clusters are showy.
  • Flower clusters are red.
  • Flower clusters are along the branches.

Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a low maintenance tree

Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a relatively low maintenance tree. The tree is also very easy to prune so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it too much, which makes this a great investment for anyone looking for an easy-to-care-for plant.

You should always wait until the leaves have developed before pruning, because if you try to prune out new growth it can cause damage to the tree. If you do choose to prune, make sure that you remove dead branches and diseased wood first and then cut off any branches that are crossing over each other and rubbing against one another.

Adds Color to Landscape

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree adds a nice contrast to the landscape with its colorful bark and branches. The furrowed, gray bark has an interesting texture that’s enhanced by the brick red branches. The leaves of this tree are green in summer and change to red in autumn, which makes it an attractive choice for all four seasons.

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is easy to care for, making it a good option for beginning gardeners or those with limited time and space. It’s also very hardy compared to other maples, so it does well in different climates and soil types

Highly Urban Tolerant

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a beautiful addition to any urban environment, but it also has the added benefit of being able to grow in some of the most polluted areas.

Autumn Fantasy Maples are very tolerant of urban conditions such as high levels of pollution and smog, salt spray from roads and poor soils near sidewalks, where they can grow well and able to thrive where most other plants would not be able to survive which makes it ideal for those who live in inner cities as well.

Beautiful Shade Tree

The Autumn Fantasy is also known for its dense canopy, which makes it an excellent choice for shading out your yard so you can enjoy it even on hot days or when you want to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by the sun’s rays.

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a beautiful shade tree that turns a brilliant orange-red in the fall. It’s a popular choice for autumn color in the United States, and can be seen growing all across the country, from Indiana to New York to California. The Autumn Fantasy is so popular because it has a stunning red color and grows fairly quickly, making it ideal for developers who want to add some autumn color to their property without waiting too long for the tree to mature.


Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a beautiful, fast-growing tree that can be expected to live for 80 years or more. The hybridization process makes it tolerant of urban pollution, which helps it grow well in cities where air quality is low. The tree produces brilliant orange and yellow leaves in the fall, which are sure to add a pop of color to your yard. This fast-growing variety can grow up to 50 feet tall, making it perfect for large properties.

Fast Growth Rate

If you’re looking for a fast-growing tree that has a lot of potential, the Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a great choice. It is a fast growing tree. It only takes about 10 years for it to reach full maturity. The Autumn Fantasy Maple grows about 2-3 feet or more per year.

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Resilient to diseases

The Autumn Fantasy maple tree is known for its resistance to disease. This makes it a great choice for those who want to grow their own trees for the first time, or who have had trouble with other types of trees. The Autumn Fantasy Maple is also known for its resilience in the face of extreme weather conditions, which makes it an excellent choice for people who live in areas that experience snowfall or extremely hot weather during the summer months.

Very drought tolerant

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a very drought tolerant tree. It will thrive in dry soil and can tolerate a lot of heat. This makes it an excellent option for people who live in areas with hot summers and dry winters, as well as people who live in areas that experience droughts.

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is also very hardy, which means it can grow in most environments. This makes it perfect for people who live in colder climates or are planting a new tree where there has been no previous tree presence.

This tree produces beautiful fall colors that range from yellow to orange to red depending on the variety you choose. The leaves turn shades of red before falling off during the winter months. This gives your yard color throughout the year, which will make your yard look more appealing to visitors and passersby alike!

Adapts to different soil types

The Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree is a great addition to your landscape as it can adapt to different types of soil conditions. As long as the soil is well drained, this tree will thrive in almost any environment.

Autumn Fantasy Maple Cons

Careful while planting

The tree’s canopy can reach over 50 feet in height, so it’s important to make sure that you’re planting it in an area where its branches won’t grow into power lines or utility wires.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, plant your autumn fantasy maple at least 8 feet away from power lines and/or utility wires. For added safety and peace of mind, we recommend planting this tree at least 20 feet away from these types of structures. If you live near a busy street with lots of cars driving by or any other busy thoroughfare, it may be best to plant your autumn fantasy maple 40+ feet away from these areas so as not to endanger pedestrians or drivers alike by having large amounts of leaves falling from above them onto their heads!

Needs strategic pruning to build a canopy

As it matures, the lower branches of this tree can be strategically removed to create a high enough canopy to support unobstructed human traffic underneath.


We hope you enjoyed our list of pros and cons for the Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree. It has a ton of pros and only a few cons, so you can rest easy knowing that this is the tree for you. We hope that our list has helped you decide if this is the right tree for your home, and we thank you for reading!