Anthurium Vittarifolium Vs Bakeri What’s The Difference?

The first thing you’ll notice when you compare these two plants is their size.

The leaves of Anthurium vittarifolium are much longer than those of Anthurium bakeri.

The flowers on the two species are also different: the flowers of Anthurium bakeri are bright red, while the flowers of Anthurium vittarifolium are pink.

Bakeri and Vittarifolium are two closely related species of the genus Anthurium.

Both Anthurium vittarifolium and anthurium bakeri are flowering plants that belong to the family of Araceae.

They are both native to Central America and have very similar flowers, but there are some differences between them.

Let’s dive deep into the difference of Anthurium Vittarifolium Vs Bakeri

What is Anthurium Vittarifolium?

Anthurium vittarifolium is a plant native to Colombia, first described by Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler in 1905. It is part of the Araceae family, and it flourishes in tropical climates where it can receive partial sunlight.

The leaves are long and green and get up to 240 centimeters in length, with a width of 7-10 centimeters.

Anthurium Vittarifolium flower is one of the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever see.

This flower has pink blooms which are the most beautiful part of this plant. The flowers are on spadix and spathe.

Additionally, the berries that grow in this plant are pink in color, which makes them even more attractive.

What is Anthurium Bakeri?

Anthurium Bakeri is a species of plant native to the northwestern region of Central America, in the countries of Guatemala and Columbia.

It is a perennial, epiphytic plant, meaning that it grows on other plants.

It grows on trees, feeding off of water and nutrients contained in debris that collects around its roots.

It is also known as a semi-lithophytic plant because it can grow on rocks and stones as well.

It has dark green leaves which can be as long as 50 cms, with ribs running along their length.

The Anthurium bakeri has, pale green spathes that are roughly 2- 5cm long. The spadix is 11cm long, and produces red berries.

What is the difference between Anthurium Vittarifolium and Anthurium Bakeri?

Leaf Shape

The leaves of Anthurium Vittarifolium are longer than Anthurium bakeri, with wider veins. They can grow up to 90 inches long and have a matte texture.

The plant itself grows up to 7 feet tall and has dark green leaves.

While Anthurium Bakeri’s leaves are smaller than those of Anthurium Vittarifolium, and they have narrower veins and grow up to 20 inches long. The plant itself grows between two and three feet tall with dark green leaves.


The main difference between the two is their flowers. Anthurium Vittarifolium produces pink blooms while Anthurium Bakeri produces bright red blooms.


Both Anthurium Vittarifolium and Anthurium Bakeri plants are commonly used as indoor decorations in homes or offices because they can be grown indoors year-round.

They are also used as houseplants because they require very little maintenance and sunlight.

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