Hi! I’m Harish. I’m the founder of YourLawnFairy.com, a website that helps homeowners learn how to care for their lawns so they can have the best-looking yard in their neighborhood.

My passion for gardening started when I was just a little boy and my father taught me how to plant seeds and water them. He also taught me about fertilizer and how to use it properly. Over the years, I’ve studied all kinds of gardening techniques and have become an expert on how to take care of everything from roses to rose bushes.

Now that I’m grown up, I want everyone who has a lawn (or just wants one) to be able to experience what it’s like to see their yard full of flowers or grasses or whatever else they’d like planted there! That’s why I created YourLawnFairy.com to help people learn how easy it is to grow beautiful plants simply by following some basic instructions.

I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I enjoyed creating it!